Employee empowerment, wellness and health engagement platform

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Livzo is a Mobile App and Web-based social platform for
lifestyle, wellness and health improvement.

Livzo: a San Francisco-based startup providing an innovative health and wellness
engagement platform for the workplace and fitness centers

Livzo provides a simple, fun and customizable platform for users to engage with their peers via groups, challenges, reminders, and text messages. We also encourage family members to participate.
Livzo tools allow users to easily track their healthy activities and personal wellbeing, incorporating data from wearable, external app integration, and self-reporting. Livzo offers smart scalability by bridging quality health monitoring and administrative efficiency.
Using constant lifestyle and health data management, our program equips users with awareness, information, and actionable items to prevent disease and increase quality of life.

Employer Wellness Monitoring

  • Workplace wellness performance, organizational ROI
  • Efficiency, integration and customization
  • Health risk management
  • Participation and engagement stats
  • Vendor management
  • Budget and incentives
  • Campaigns and calendar events
  • Health and performance reports

Employee Engagement Platform

  1. Social health profile
  2. Monitoring activity, nutrition, stress and more
  3. Health Diary: goals and progress tracking
  4. Private Groups, Social Groups and Challenges
  5. Simple and interactive communication with Peers and Coaches
  6. Health risk management programs
  7. Gamification, incentives and rewards
  8. Activity, Leader boards

Our Features

Promote company culture, boost moral

Reduce health insurance cost

Easy integration with wearable devices, fitness apps like Apple Health, Fitbit etc.

Increase engagement and participation through social features

Integrate online, personal and onsite programs with scheduling and reminders

Quick setup, cross platform access mobile (iOS, Android) and web-based

Data privacy, security, HIPAA compliant

Actionable analytics with behavior-based assessments and projections of ROI

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Livzo creates an environment that surrounds you with others who are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. We help you find people in your existing work community with the same goals you have, people who can support you as you take your health to the next level. Livzo is a great place to connect for individuals at every stage in their journey to personal health and wellbeing.

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